We’re so Glad you’re here! Either you loved us and wished to know more about us. Or maybe you happen to be lost. Anyway you came till here, then let’s get to know each other a little better?

Trust us, we won’t bore you out.

Who are we?

MYDESIGNATION, we’re a family of Common Minded Youngsters who love to create Uncommon Designs on everyday fashion. There’s no limit for the products and works we wish to do, we’ll go for whatever we can get our hands on. P.S:  We are all Verum Malayalis from the God’s Own Country, Kerala!

What are we?

We’re a Team, OOPS Sorry! A Family of Young Designers. And Theoretically, MYDESIGNATION is a hardworking and Self-Governing Online Brand which manufactures own products and sell it directly to the customer without any third party agents to ensure Best-Standard Quality and Pricing. We don’t have any Large-Scale Funding or Multi-level Corporations behind us, just the hard work and small-scale savings of a few passionate youngsters. We make designs on anything under the sky from even a Vaazha to Kandaka Shani!
Please feel free to reach to us for any assistance Guys. We’d love to interact with you anytime!
We have our Head Office at Trivandrum, Kerala and an own production unit in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu. And that’s why we can give you 100% assurance on the quality of each of our product that we sell.

1st Ever Malayali Merchandise Store

Everyone loves to wear International brands, don’t they? But very few seemed to flaunt our own Naadan Merchandises. Hence we were so determined to bring designs and stuffs that each and every proud Malayali would rejoice.

Sorry no cliché, only Niches!

If you’re looking for finding some products similar to the ones you saw in another store, sorry that won’t be available here. We only have designs which we make on our own and our products will be available only from us, not anyone else!

Why the name “MYDESIGNATION”?

There’s a big story behind this, but we don’t want to make your happy face end up as a yawning one. Maybe we’ll try briefing it, Sorry if it still bored you..

Almost anyone who couldn’t achieve their dream, or achieved it after striving so hard would have heard this boring question a ton times- “What’re you doing? What’s your designation?”

Like once said in a movie, those who tell us we can’t achieve our passion just because they couldn’t themselves.  We wanted to reply proudly to each and every one of them the next time they ask,

”Whats your designation?”

“Oh yes! This is MYDESIGNATION.” (No pun intended ^_^)


Gopika Menon

C.E.O & Co-Founder

Swaroop Krishnan 

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Haripriya Gopakumar

Customer Relations Head

Vishal Venugopal

Design and Creative Head

Nithesh Kanth

Order Management Head

Athul Das

Development Head

Author Athul das

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