Onam Celebration two

Onam Celebration two

Onam is an annual 10-day festival observed primarily in the state of Kerala. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in Kerala, and its origin can be traced back to the 9th century. 

Onam symbolizes the feeling of oneness, joy, prosperity, and happiness. The festivity commences on the day recognized as Atham and concludes on the 10th day, called Thiruvonam. Noteworthily, Thiruvonam is one of the most auspicious days in the Onam Festival

The Onam festival commemorates the beginning of the Malayalam year, Kolla Varsham. It holds its roots in mythology as well as ancient farming practices. The festival is celebrated to mark the return of the most righteous and benevolent king of Kerala – King Mahabali. 


Significance of Onam celebrations

As per ancient texts, King Mahabali defeated Gods and took over all three worlds. It was then when Lord Vishnu stepped in to contain him. Lord Vishnu, in the guise of a Vamana (a dwarf brahmin and the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu), approached King Mahabali.

As part of a ritual back then, King Mahabali promised Vamana to offer whatever he wanted, to which Vamana responded with, "three steps of land." Thereafter, Vamana grew himself so huge that he measured all the worlds in just two steps. Seeing this, the generous King Mahabali offered his head to the Vamana for the third step.

Fusion of Onam and Fashion

Any Malayali will concur that, across various arts and fashion platforms, the Onam festival has been used as a subject to portray various customs and traditions associated with it. 

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