What Makes the Classic T-Shirt Company Unique?

What Makes the Classic T-Shirt Company Unique?

We are a family-owned business built on the core values of luxury, quality, and integrity. When people think of The Classic T-Shirt Company, they think high quality durable garments crafted from 100% organic cotton and locally made in California. 

We develop our Organic Cotton T-Shirts through an ethical fair-trade production process that values our farmers and our workers. By purchasing a T-shirt from The Classic T-Shirt Company, you invest in our mission to shake up the fashion industry and do right in the world. 

Many companies in the fashion industry cut costs by making low quality garments that deteriorate rapidly while using exploitative practices that endanger workers and engaging in seasonal sales that lead to landfills full of discarded products. Our business does away with all of these practices, challenging as it may be.

Even with another recent rise in cotton prices, the Classic T-Shirt Company has worked to stay true to our values and ensure our product remains ethical and sustainable. 

You are the part of the classic T-Shirt Movement

Our movement began here, in California, with just our family deciding how we could impact the world for the better. Along the way, tens of thousands of people have joined the journey and believed in our clothing that lasts. Without you, none of this would be possible. 

Some new installments that came directly from the community include: